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Who Should Buy the PAC AN97 Real Feel?

This air conditioner is suitable for cooling and creating air comfort in rooms of up to 95 cubic metres  - that would be a large sitting room or a commercial office with a floorspace of X.

(Read our Guide to Sizing Air Conditioners here) . The De’Longhi PAC AN97 Real Feel is a powerful unit with a cooling capacity of 2.7 KW or 10,500 BTU) and is energy rated “A”.

We suggest this unit for customers with large homes, or conservatories (which often get very hot and so require powerful units) or small and medium sized offices. With its focus on air comfort, wellness and optimal humidity, the PAC AN97 Real Feel is particularly suited for those with children, older family members, or who experience respiratory issues in dry environments.

It will also be perfect for offices with lots of computer or audio-visual equipment as it will maintain an optimal working environment and counter-act the drying effect of computer fans.

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