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About Us

Privately owned and established for 25 years, Air Care Direct (formerly known as Air Con Hut) is part of a large global group of businesses focused on expert appliance distribution.

We pride ourselves on supplying best-in-class air treatment solutions to suit any individual needs and requirements. Over the past two decades, we’ve only partnered with premium manufacturers and, as you’d expect from a business with history, we have brought comfort into more than 200,000 homes and offices, and have dispatched in excess of half a million packages. 

We are committed to delivering the best in comfort and design, but also in energy saving and care for environment. Taking care of our natural world is a must and we’re more committed than ever to looking after the environment and preserving precious resources for future generations.

Leading brands in our portfolio, such as De’Longhi invest hugely in technology to deliver the perfect combination of wellbeing and eco-sustainability. Not only do De’Longhi Pinguino air conditioners consume less energy while delivering best-in-class performance, but they are also the only portable air conditioners to use natural, non-toxic coolant, propane R290, which does not produce a harmful greenhouse effect, contrary to other, synthetic gases.

To find out more about the science behind the De’Longhi Pinguinos, click here.


So, what makes us different - in a nutshell?


Our priority is making sure you are happy. We can help with the decision-making process and advise on maintenance, returns & warranties too.



We work with the best in the industry - brands that offer the maximum in terms of comfort, energy efficiency and care for environment.


Not only do we make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient, but we also save you money on your bills & reduce environmental impact.

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