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De’Longhi – The Science Behind the Brand

Quietly cool your room while being kind to your energy bills


De’Longhi is a world leader in portable air conditioners for a reason. They invest in technology designed to make lives easier, more comfortable and convenient, while also caring for the environment and your energy bills.

De’Longhi Pinguinos are the only portable air conditioner range to feature Real Feel technology, perfectly balancing temperature and humidity, and use R290, a natural refrigerant gas that is non-toxic and kind to the environment.


How does De’Longhi innovative technology help you live a better life?

Reduced energy bills

All Pinguinos feature up to A++ Energy Efficiency so you can stay cool without upsetting your energy bills or the environment.

Portable comfort

Unlike wall-mounted or window units, Pinguinos can be moved from room to room for powerful, quiet air cooling and dehumidification.

Easy installation

Pinguinos are so easy to set up that you won’t need more than 5 minutes to start enjoying cool, fresh air again. No tools are required either.

Real Feel Technology

Normally, perceived temperature in an environment results from a combination of temperature and humidity. In humid conditions, the air feels significantly hotter simply because less perspiration evaporates from the skin.

De’Longhi air conditioners are able to analyse and process the environmental conditions in a room and provide the ideal combination of temperature and humidity control. This offers optimal comfort levels anywhere, anytime, and is a feature that made Pinguino range be regarded as one of the best and most trusted air conditioners in the world.


Air-to-Air Technology

De’Longhi also uses an energy efficient air-to-air technology that follows a virtuous cycle of cooling unique to the Pinguino air conditioners. The main benefit of this technology is the ability to run a powerful air conditioner that’s compact in size and also energy efficient.


Whisper Cool – Silent Technology

Pinguino air conditioners are now up to 50% more silent*, so you can comfortably sleep or watch TV. This unique technology provides low noise emissions regardless of the unit’s working mode – regular or at minimum speed.

*Tested in De’Longhi laboratory by comparing the maximum sound level using max. fan speed vs sound level of min. fan speed


BioSilver Air Filter

The BioSilver air filters resist the growth of harmful bacteria, mould and mildew and remove the dust and pollen from the air to ensure a healthier environment.


Natural Coolant

The refrigerant used by all De’Longhi air conditioners is completely natural and non-toxic. Propane R290 is up to 696 times kinder to the environment compared to traditional gases used by other manufacturers, that have extremely harmful greenhouse effects.

 *696 times compared to the impact of Global Warming of R410 - FGas Reg. 517/2014.


Choose your Pinguino

Check out the De’Longhi Pinguino collection to find the best portable air conditioner for you:


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