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Which Delonghi did our customers select?

Real Life Customers and how they selected their Delonghi Pinguino.

Read about these Air Con Hut customers and how they selected the right De'Longhi Pinguino for their environment.

The South-Facing Office

Leo is the manager in a local firm of accountants. Five staff spend most of their day in an office of 3m x 4m, where there are computers, a printer and a coffee machine. The office faces South, has large windows and measures five metres by four metres. The office contains a table where informal client meetings are often held. Staff are complaining of feeling uncomfortably hot, especially on sunny days - whatever the season.

The De’Longhi Pinguino Solution - the EX100
Leo chose the  Pinguino EX100 because it looks good enough for an environment where clients could be present. The addition of Silent Technology means that it is also quiet when discussions take place and staff are concentrating. 

The EX100 is rated A++ and so is cost-effective to run year round - whenever the sun causes the temperature in the office to rise. Rated 10,000 BTU, the EX100 will comfortably cool an office of this size and take in to account the additional heat generated by the computers, printer and coffee machine.

The addition of De’Longhi’s Real Feel function means that Leo can simply run the air conditioner and let it provide optimal air comfort. Staff have stopped complaining about the heat and seem more productive.



The De'Longhi EX100 looks professional in an office environment


The Family Home
LuLu has three small children who generate a lot of washing. She lives in a Victorian town house in Islington and the family spend most of the time in the newly converted kitchen/family room where there are toys and sofas to relax. It’s a lovely, modern room but it can get too warm in the new conversion during summer and - in the autumn and winter - LuLu worries about damp from the original Victorian walls. The converted kitchen/family room is a large, open-plan space measuring 5m x 4m.

The De’Longhi Pinguino Solution - the AN112
With a large space with high ceilings to cool, the Pinguino AN112 (which is rated 11,000 BTU) will cope admirably - and not look out of place in the modern, casual decor.

For LuLu, another advantage is that the Pinguino AN112 includes a powerful dehumidifier that can be run independently of the air conditioner. She now uses this all year round to dry laundry and keep traces of damp away.

As this room is used by her children, she loves the addition of a filter - which is helping to keep their environment free of pollutants. When the children head to bed, this becomes an adult TV and Media zone and LuLu uses the fan-only function to clear the air of cooking smells. The AN112 includes De’Longhi’s Silent Technology, so the sound of the air conditioner operating does not interfere with relaxation.




The De'Longhi AN112 is large enough to cool open plan family spaces


The Penthouse Flat

Henry and Bella are a retired couple who have recently downsized to a smart, modern flat on the top floor of a newly built conversion in Sandbanks. As they’ve become older, both have noticed that their sleep is more and more broken and that they are particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Being on the top floor, they have stunning views, but - as heat rises - their bedroom can get very warm in the summer and early Autumn.

The De’Longhi Pinguino Solution - the N87 Silent
Henry and Bella now use a De”Longhi Pinguino N87 Silent in their bedroom. It sits unobtrusively in the corner and starts up gently whenever it exceeds to thermostat point that Bella has chosen. Due to Silent Technology, it’s quiet and doesn’t disturb their sleep.

Their bedroom is 2.5m x 3m, but gains extra heat from the rest of the building and the N87 Silent keeps the environment cool and fresh. The N87 Silent is also on easy-glide wheels and so Bella wheels it out to their utility room and uses it to dry laundry - very convenient as they no longer have a garden.

Henry and Bella admire the build quality of their De’Longhi air conditioner and know that they can quickly store it away in a cupboard when not in use.



The De'Longhi N87 has an outstanding build quality and is on easy-glide wheels


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