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Powrmatic WIFI APP Operation

Minimum System Requirements

  1. 1. The download and installation of the App depends on some system requirements of your smartphone.
  2. For Android smartphones, the minimum version is 4.1.1
  3. For Apple smartphones, the operating system must be IOS 8.0 or higher.

Installing & Using The App

  1. From the application menu on your smartphone, find and open the "play store" icon.
  2. Once you have logged into the store, search for InnovApp DuePuntoZero.
  3. Once you have found InnovApp 2.0, download the App and install it following the wizard.
  4. Open the App. Once open, the Innova welcome screen will appear. Click the "lets begin button" to start the set up process.
  5. In preferences tick the box marked "push notifications" and press confirm button to start the automatic procedure for the recognition and WIFI connection on the Innova 2.0 network. (only on Android devices). 
  6. If the automatic procedure does not start, it can be confgured manually. 
  7. On the frst screen it is possible to select the language preference and the way the push notifcations are handled. 
  8. If you tick the notifcation box, the alarms will appear on your smartphone.
  9. After activating the WIFI mode through the phone settings, access the available WIFI connection section, check for the presence of the Innova 2.0 network and connect to it.  N.B: with Android devices, this procedure is automatic. 
  10. Once connected to the WIFI network of the device, the screen of your product will appear and you will be able to name it and indicate its serial number, consisting of 9 alphanumeric characters. By entering the password, the stand alone Innova 2.0 network will be protected from unauthorised access.
  11. If you go back to the main menu and access the menu "My products", the air conditioner units in the network will be displayed and can be changed and/or scheduled as you wish. Moreover, new devices can be searched for, installed and confgured.
  12. At this point, a general air conditioner control screen will appear, by means of which you can control and manage your air conditioner 2.0. N.B: from now on you will have the possibility to control the air conditioner via the local WIFI network, but not via Internet. To do this, it is necessary to take a further step and connect to the home/offce WIFI network by accessing the settings and selecting the option "Remote Control".
  13. Once you have entered the WIFI connection menu, choose the network preferred for Internet access and select it.
  14. Then enter the password of your WIFI network and confrm it. 
  15. At this point the App will attempt to connect your unit to the your home network and the main screen for the management of the unit will appear again. 
  16. From now on, your air conditioner 2.0 is connected to the Internet and can be managed from all over the world via WIFI or your phone's data connection!

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