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How do I maintain my Pinguino?

Maintaining your De'Longhi Pinguino

De’Longhi Pinguinos are robust and long-lasting - here’s how to get the most out of them for years to come.

You can keep the external body of your air conditioner clean with a simple damp cloth. As this is an electrical appliance, please do not wash down and always turn the appliance off and remove the plug from the wall before cleaning. Do not use solvents or cleaning products.

The air filter helps remove harmful pollutants from your home or office and should be washed once a week to maintain hygiene and efficiency operation. You can do this by turning off the appliance, unplugging and popping out the filter. Once out, the filter can be vacuumed or washed and rinsed in lukewarm water. Please let the filter dry naturally before returning it to the air conditioner.

Replacement filters should be purchased approximately once a year and these are available from Air Con Hut.


If the weather turns colder and you want to store your De’Longhi Pinguino, then first you will need to drain the appliance of any residual water. This takes moments: simply remove the cap and let any water flow out into a bowl. Once completely empty, replace the cap.

It’s a good idea to also clean the filter before you roll your Pinguino in to a cupboard or garage. Please do not store your Pinguino by covering it with a plastic bag.





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