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Cooling in the workplace

Optimal Working Temperatures in Office Environments

What the law says:

In the UK there is no maximum temperature at which employees can be expected to work. Instead, employers are expected to provide a safe working environment that is - as far as is reasonably possible - without risks to health. Employers are also expected to provide clean, fresh air and must be careful about simply opening windows and doors - especially if these are fire doors or exits.

Employers must also take steps to provide shade and glare from sunny windows




What happens when workers get too hot?

If you get too hot at work then your productivity will fall. Extreme heat is associated with dizziness, confusion and fainting.


Computer and Electronic Equipment

If your office uses lots of computers or electronic equipment such as scanners and printers, then it can get hot fast - even in the winter months.

At the same time, these items often need to operate in a stable environment and have sensitivity to dust and spikes in humidity or temperature. Workers in offices with lots of computer equipment often notice a degradation in air quality - with pollutants and dry air causing discomfort.


Ideal temperatures

For office work, ideal temperatures are between 19 and 24 degrees. More than this and anyone walking around will start to feel uncomfortable. For physical work, then lower temperatures are most comfortable - between 13 and 16 degrees.


Create the Perfect Working Environment

Provide comfort year-round to your employees and guests with a portable air conditioner unit from Air Con Hut. We've selected our units to be attractive and robust - with a premium look that is suitable for shops, offices and boardrooms. Plus, with low operating costs, they won’t impact your overheads and they can be installed in minutes without a tradesperson.


Please do call for advice on choosing the right office air conditioning unit or system.

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