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Powrmatic Trouble Shooting

In case of a malfunction, please refer to the following. If, after performing the suggested checks, the problem persists please contact us.


 Anomaly Possible cause Solution
The appliance does not switch on. No power supply

Check you have a power supply to the unit (try turning on a light switch, or plugging in another electrical device.)

Check that the exclusive   magneto-thermic switch that protects the appliance has not engaged (if it has, reset it). If the problem repeats immediately contact the supplier for assistance)

The appliance does not cool/ heat enough.

The set temperature is too high or too low.

The air filter is clogged.

Check that there is no other obstructions blocking air flow either internally or externally

Check that no window or door has been left open. Check that no heating appliance has been switched on.

Check the air filter and clean if it is necessary.

Remove anything that might block the air flow.

Close all doors and windows. Switch off any fan heaters or other heating appliance.


Alarm Display Codes Explained

  • E1 - Broken room temperature RT sensor - monitors the anitfreeze function of internal battery. (It is still possible to us the cooling/heating/dehumidification functions.)
  • E2 - Broken internal battery IPT sensor - None of the functions work.
  • E3 - Broken outside temperature OT sensor - None of the functions work.
  • E4 - Broken outside battery OPT sensor - It is still possible to activate the cooling/ dehumidification and heating functions. Defrosting is performed at fixed times.
  • E5 - Broken internal ventilator motor - None of the functions work.
  • E6 - Broken external ventilator motor - None of the functions work.
  • E7 - Lack of communication with the display -  None of the functioning modes work.
  • CP - Open CP contact - he appliance only works if the contact is closed. Check that the clamps are connected.
  • OF - Maximum level float intervention - During cooling and dehumidification, electronics switches the compressor off and keeps the water distribution system active with the battery - together with the fan - to disperse excess water in the container. During heating, condensations should drain freely through he specific pipe. In the event of an alarm, check that the condensation pipe is not bent or obstructed, thus preventing the water from flowing out. 


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