Hand Dryers

The fastest and most hygenic hand dryers. Only Dyson Airblade hand dryers have been certified globally for use in food preparation environments, by meeting both HACCP International Standards and NSF International Protocol P335.

Choose from the Dyson Airblade V and the Airblade dB.

Airblade V

These hand dryers have a moderne and sleek design and at just 10cm deep will leave more space in your washrooms. Wall mounted, fixed to a back plate, it allows for easy self-service, and maintenance.

Airblade dB

Hygienic hand drying with HEPA-filtered air, both the Airblade V and Airblade dB filters capture 99.95% of bacteria sized particles from the washroom air before it's blown onto hands. So your hands are dryed with cleaner air.

Engineered to last the dB is made from durable polycarbonate and tested rigorously for durability and resilience to phyiscal abuse. That's why these come with a 5 year guarantee, you can rely on them day after day!

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