Keeping your environment healthy

Whilst it is important to have a certain level of humidity in our homes and office spaces, too much moisture will cause condensation and damp. This excess water vapour can permeate through walls, soft furnishings and even your clothes, often creating expensive damage associated with mould. Harmful dust mites thrive on these environments as do some bacteria.

Optimal levels of humidity are around 45%, but anything over 60% means you should be considering the purchase of either a straight dehumidifier or an intelligent all-in-one air conditioning unit, that will dehumidify, purify, cool and heat.

Choosing the right solution

Room size

Whether you buy a straight dehumidifier or one of our all-in-one air conditioning units the first thing you need to know is the size of the space it will operate in. See our guide to room size in Buying Guides. 

Extraction capacity

You'll also need to consider the capacity of moisture the unit can extract from your environment over a 24 hour period.


  • Small homes and flats usually require 8 - 12 litres
  • A larger family home of up to 4 bedrooms or office usually require up 16 litres
  • For large homes, offices, garages & out buildings usually up to 20 litres

Tank size

This is important as the larger the tank the more water it can hold but the heavier it will be to lift. However some units will have options for continious drainage, meaning you wont have to empty it.

Bacterial filters

Many modern all-in-one air conditioning units and dehumidifiers come with special filters that remove harmful bacteria when improving the air in your environment. This is hugely benificial for allergy sufferers and the elderly.


Depending on where you need to place your unit, you will want to make sure that if its in your living room or office space that it operates quietly. The operation noise levels for the units we stock can be found in the specifications.

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